Cupro Nickel 70/30 Forged Fittings

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Cupro Nickel 70/30 Forged Fittings




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For Cupro Nickel 70/30 Socket Weld Fittings, Stanley Alloy is a one-stop-shop. We strive to produce excellent quality goods by utilizing high-quality raw materials and available materials in various product grades. Depending on the client's needs, the products mentioned above can customize these products in different lengths, shapes, and dimensions. We also provide 24x7 service for your doubts and queries.

Cupro 70/30 SocketWeld Fitting type is generally applicable to seawater, and marine atmosphere, and the application includes distiller tubes, cooling plant, evaporator tubes, propeller tubes, heat exchangers and others. Cupro 70/30 is a copper-nickel alloy featuring 70% copper and 30% nickel and tiny quantities of iron and manganese. Cupro 70/30 is primarily known for its elemental addition, which makes it highly resistant to corrosion and erosion while also providing increased strength above 90/10, making it popular in various applications and industries. In high-velocity and filthy seawater situations, the corrosion resistance of the 70/30 grade is noticeably improved. The addition of manganese, iron, niobium, and copper improved corrosion resistance and good thermal conductivities even in slightly high-temperature environments. Due to the availability of copper, it has good fabricability and good resistance to biofouling as well. This grade has both cold and hot working capacity excellently and shows good weld abilities.

Chemical processing, petrochemical industries, pulp & paper industries, oil and gas industries, refinery industries, heat exchangers, and other areas all choose it because of Cupro 70/30 Socket Weld Fittings extensive properties.

Specification of Cupro Nickel 70/30 Forged Fittings


Specifications: ASTM B467 / ASME SB467

Dimensions: ASME 16.11, MSS SP-79, 83, 95, 97, BS 3799

Size: 1/8” NB to 4” NB (Socketweld & Screwed-Threaded)

Type: Socketweld Fittings, Screwed-Threaded Fittings

Class: 2000 LBS, 3000 LBS, 6000 LBS, 9000 LBS

Grade: Cupro Nickel 70/30

Type: Pipe Caps, Union, Tee, Cross, Bull Plug, Boss, Hex Head Bushing, Hex Head Plug, Square Head Plug, Round Head Plug, Hex Nipple, Street Elbow, Full Coupling, Half Coupling, Reducing Coupling, Swage Nipple, Pipe Nipple, Adapter.

Available Types of Cupro Nickel 70/30 Forged Fittings

Cupro Nickel 70/30 Forged Elbow

Forged Elbow

Forged Elbow

Cu-Ni 70/30 90 deg Socketweld Elbow,Cupro Nickel 70/30 45 deg Forged Elbow,Cupro Nickel 70/30 90 deg Forged Elbow,UNS C71500 Forged Elbow,Cupro Nickel 70/30 45 deg Threaded Elbow,Cu-Ni Alloy 2.0882 Forged Elbow,ANSI B16.11 Cu-Ni 70/30 Socketweld Elbow,ASTM B467 Copper Nickel 70/30 Forged Elbow.
Cupro Nickel 70/30 Forged Tee

Forged Tee

Forged Tee

ANSI B16.11 Cupro Nickel 70/30 Forged Tee ,ASTM B467 Cu-NI 70/30 Forged Equal Tee, Cupro Nickel 70/30 Socketweld Tee ,Cupro Nickel 70/30 Threaded Tee, Cupro Nickel 70/30 Threaded Equal Tee, Cu-Ni 70/30 Reducing Tee, UNS C71500 Forged Unequal Tee, Cu-Ni 2.0882 Reducing Tee.
Cupro Nickel 70/30 Forged Cross

Forged Cross

Forged Cross

Cupro Nickel 2.0882 reducing Cross,Cu-Ni 70/30 Forged Unequal Cross,Cupro Nickel 70/30 Threaded Cross,UNS C71500 Threaded Equal Cross,ASTM B467 Cupro Nickel 70/30 Forged Equal Cross,ANSI B16.11 Cupro Nickel 70/30 Forged Cross,Cu-Ni Alloy Gr 70/30 Socketweld Equal Cross.
Cupro Nickel 70/30 Forged Coupling

Forged Coupling

Forged Coupling

Cu-Ni 70/30 Forged Full Coupling,Cupro Nickel 70/30 Full Coupling,ANSI B16.11 Cupro Nickel 70/30 Full Coupling,Copper Nickel Alloy 2.0882 Socketweld Full Coupling,ASTM B467 Cu-Ni 70/30 Threaded Full Coupling,UNS C71500 Full Coupling.
Cupro Nickel 70/30 Forged Union

Forged Union

Forged Union

ASTM B467 Copper Nickel 70/30 Union,Cupro Nickel 70/30 Forged Threaded Union,UNS C71500 Forged Union,Cupro Nickel 70/30 SocketWeld Union,Cu-Ni 2.0882 Forged Union.
Cupro Nickel 70/30 Forged Pipe Bushing

Forged Pipe Bushing

Forged Pipe Bushing

UNS C71500 Forged Bushing,Cupro Nickel 70/30 Forged Threaded Bushing,ASTM B467 Copper Nickel 70/30 Threaded Bushing,Cupro Nickel 70/30 Hex Head Bushing,Copper Nickel 70/30 2.0882 Bushing.

Equivalent Grades of Cupro Nickel 70/30 Forged Fittings

Copper Nickel 70/30 C71500 2.0882

Chemical Composition of Cupro Nickel 70/30 Forged Fittings

Grade Cu Mn Pb Ni Fe Zn
CuNi 70/30 65 min 1.0 max 0.05 max 29-33 max 0.4-1.0 1 max

Cupro Nickel 70/30 Forged Fittings Mechanical Properties

Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
0.323 lb/in3 at 68 F 2260 F 50000 psi 20000 psi 30 %

Cupro Nickel 70/30 Socketweld/Threaded Fittings Client's

Manufacturer of Super Cupro Nickel 70/30 Forged Fittings for Saudi Aramco
Cupro Nickel 70/30 Lubricants Company (QALCO) Socket Weld Fittings Exporter
Cupro Nickel 70/30 Threaded Fittings for SPIE Oil & Gas Services
Cupro Nickel 70/30 High Pressure Forged Fittings for GASCO
Cupro Nickel 70/30 Fittings for Descon Engineering Supplier
Cupro Nickel 70/30 Forged Fittings for Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company (ORPIC)
Cupro Nickel 70/30 Forged Cross for Kuwait National Petroleum Company
Cupro Nickel 70/30 Threaded Fittings for The Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) Awali
Cupro Nickel 70/30 Forged Fitting for Oman United Engineering Services LLC
Cupro Nickel 70/30 Socket Weld Fitting Supplier for Petrofac International Limited - ICAD
Cupro Nickel 70/30 Forged Fitting in Peninsular Petrotech Engineering W.L.L.
Cupro Nickel 70/30 Socket Weld Fitting in Hidayath Group

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